Energy Efficiency and Conservation Measures: Tools for Sustainable Energy Development in Nigeria

OYEDEPO Sunday Olayinka
Energy is an important production factor and therefore should be managed in parallel with land, labor and capital. Energy resources and their utilization intimately relate to sustainable development. In attaining sustainable development, increasing the energy efficiencies of processes utilizing sustainable energy resources plays an important role. A sustainable energy system may be regarded as a cost-efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy system that effectively utilizes local resources and networks. Energy efficiency and conservation measures have the potential to promote economic development, ensuring access to energy and can lead to job creation and saving of personal income. More also, energy efficiency will play a pivotal role in the mitigation of climate change. In Nigeria, up to half of the energy currently consumed can be saved in the country if energy is efficiently utilized. The major challenge has been that energy policy in Nigeria has undermined the importance and gains of energy efficiency to the environment and economic growth. This paper assesses possible ways to efficient energy utilization and conservation measures for sustainable energy development in economic sectors in Nigeria.
Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Development; Energy; Efficient Energy; Energy Conservation
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