Optimization of Compression Ratio of Diesel Fuelled Variable Compression Ratio Engine

Y. B. Mathur; R. Singh; A. S. Jethoo; M. P. Poonia
Diesel engines due to their inherent fuel economy, easy operation, low maintenance and long life, find wide uses in the field of transportation, construction equipments, marine and stationary applications such as water pumping, power generation etc. In agriculture sector, diesel engines are widely used in tractors, thrashers, pump sets and other farm machineries. Diesel engines are also extensively used in transport sector. In consideration of some typical characteristics such as high power generation, low specific fuel consumption, reliability and durability of diesel engines, diesel engines would continue to dominate our agricultural and transport sector. In the present study optimum compression ratio for variable compression ratio diesel engine fuelled with diesel fuel has been determined at 203 bars injector opening pressure , 23⁰ CA BTDC injection timing and at 1500 rev/min rated speed. The test results revealed that compression ratio 17 exhibited better performance and lower emissions and hence, was considered as optimum compression ratio.
Variable Compression Ratio Engine; Compression Ratio; Injection Timing; Injector Needle Lift Pressure
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