Field Demonstration of Building Energy Management Systems

Hiroaki Nishi; Tianmeng Shen; Toshiro Togoshi; Masaru Ihara; Ryogo Kubo; Daichi Kawashima
Many different approaches are currently utilized in the field of integrated network control systems, known as smart grids. We implemented an energy management system with the aim of developing a future standard for this area. It is difficult to connect heterogeneous systems that contain different standards, even if standardized technologies are available. A concept for an integrated network control system is proposed and demonstrated to overcome this problem. We considered distributed and shared operations in a large system containing various subsystems. This concept maintains interoperability between heterogeneous systems. The concept was demonstrated at the Fukue Port Terminal building in Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture. A field demonstration of the building energy management system was conducted in the building. This system uses a variety of devices that are produced by seven different companies. An air-conditioning control system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and achieve electric-load leveling with a battery was implemented and experimented with an application of the proposed system. The battery was emulated by real-time system simulation. Our results demonstrate the effects of a common platform and its advantages.
BEMS; Electric-Load Levelling; Heterogeneous System; Protocol
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