A Study on Renewable Energy: A Sustainable Solution for Future Energy Security

Navid Bin Sakhawat; Riasad Amin; Mahmudur Rahman; Dewan Mowdudur Rahman
Our changing climate is placing our planet in peril. CO2 is the main green house gas emitted from various sources and power sector is solely responsible for 30% emission of CO2 throughout the world and this emission from power generation are projected to increase 46% by 2030. Fossil fuels had for so long been the most convenient and cheapest means of powering the world economy. But now they have been proved worthless to ensure energy security as 1.4 billion people have no access to electricity and world electricity demand is projected to grow by 2.2% per year between 2008 and 2035, from 16,819 TWh to about 30,300 TWh. It’s for sure that we cannot sustain a future, powered by a fuel which is rapidly disappearing. Nuclear energy would also not be a sustainable solution as it associates with some fatal risk. Therefore, renewable energy is the only viable option to ensure energy security in a sustainable way. It has no environmental degradation problem like fossil fuel and not associates with any radiation problem like nuclear energy. Most importantly renewable energy is abundant in nature, all we need is to just tap energy and transform. In this paper authors discussed about the risk from running out conventional energy and imposing threat to the human race and found out its solution by unearthing the real fact of renewable energy which will surely ensure sustainable development of civilization.
Renewable Energy; Climate Change; Sustainable Solution; Energy Security; Conventional Energy
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