Volume 3 Issue 1

Authors: Kamen Yanev; Cheddi Kiravu

Abstract: An important parameter for a drive system is its developed torque. In practice up to now, torque-speed converters or torque-sensors are usually used to determine the developed torque. These devices are costly and in many cases difficult to fix to a motor shaft due to mechanical or constructive constraints. The research paper presented here proposes an alternative indirect method for motor torque assessment. The method focuses on low power induction motor applications and is based on the evaluation of the power factor considering its variation with motor load. The lowest power factor is at no-load operation, and the highest value occurs at rated motor load. An electronic circuit for implementing the proposed method is suggested. The experimental results based on known conventional torque measurement methods are used to benchmark the corresponding results obtained via the proposed torque measurement method. The results corroborate each other.

Keywords: Induction Motor Characteristics, Power Factor, Torque evaluation, Electronics;