Volume 4 Issue 6

Authors: Guo-wang Luo; Yan-min Liu; Yun Ji; Jian-wen Huang; Rui Liu

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to study the industrial agglomeration of Chinese service industry by the use of various concentration measurement method. First, we examine the overall service industrial agglomeration and that of three geographical agglomeration regions: western, central and eastern regions of China. Additionally, in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the agglomeration development of China’s service industry, we also measure the concentration degree of subdivided segments of China’s service industry. The study concludes that the agglomeration pattern of China’s service industry consists of a core area, which consists primarily of eastern China, and spreads gradually to the central and western regions. Ultimately, this paper proposes policy suggestions to Chinese related departments and policy-makers.

Keywords: Industrial Agglomeration; Concentration Measure; Services


Authors: Kazuhiro Takeyasu; Daisuke Takeyasu; Tatsuya Oyanagi; Yasuo Ishii

Abstract: In Japan, High School teachers are busy with their daily works, including teaching, supporting the club activities and the desk work. Among them, they spend much more time in managing the club actives of students compared with that of other countries. In some area, professionals can make instructions much better than teachers for the special sports like Judo and Kendo (Japanese fencing) etc. School Social Worker not only can coordinate the professionals out of school, but also can help teachers by decreasing their burden on that area. There are few related papers concerning the support of club activities by utilizing the professionals outside. In this paper, a questionnaire investigation is executed to clarify their current condition and consciousness in order to seek the possibility of utilizing school social workers’ support. Fundamental statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, factor analysis and multi corresponding analysis are performed. Some interesting and instructive results were obtained.

Keywords: School Social Worker; High School Teacher; Multi Corresponding Analysis; Factor Analysis