Volume 4 Issue 2

Authors: K. T. Lemboye; A. T. Layeni; K. Oduntan; M. A. Akintunde; O. A. Dahunsi

Abstract: This paper presents the design, construction and evaluation of an ice making machine using a Two-stage Cascade Compression System as its main key element. Two compressors provide work inputs to the machine; one compressor for the refrigerating space and the other for the cascade system. The cascade compression system was used to cool down the temperature of the refrigerant to a desired temperature just before it enters the expansion zone. The refrigerant then enters the evaporating coils to extract more heat from the refrigerating space. The cascade system improves the system efficiency and the refrigerating capacity of the machine as well as reducing the time required for the formation of ice blocks. The machine was designed and fabricated with tests carried out on it to evaluate its performance.

Keywords: Cascade; Refrigerating Space; Compressor; Heat Load; Coils