Multi-Aquifer Parameterization with well loss in Vertical Flows

P.K. Majumdar
Usually aquifer parameters are estimated through pumping/recharge test. Precondition for using those parameters in the numerical model is to ensure the synonymy of the hydro-geological condition between the field setup and the conceptual model. In many cases, it is erroneous. While numerical modelling in multi-aquifer considered vertical flow in general, it was reflected in the pumping solutions only to the extent of treating a leakage through the aquitard. As such well characterisation in multi aquifers separated by an aquiclude is illusive in the literature. As a result of which, interconnected aquifers were considered as isolated ones in the pumping/recharge tests. Therefore, estimated parameters were for a single aquifer, not for an aquifer connected to multi aquifers. In the present paper, the solution for a multi-aquifer system comprising of two interconnected aquifers separated by an aquiclude is presented. Vertical flow in the well bore with well loss due to friction has been considered. It is concluded that multi-aquifer parameters computed using present solution technique are more scientific and economical.
Interconnected aquifers; Diffusivity Ratio; Well Bore Interaction; Equivalent Single Aquifer; the Friction Parameter
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