Conformance Testing Framework for Service Oriented Interconnection Technologies

Olli-Pekka Puolitaival; Matti Mäki; Petri Jurmu; Tomi Räty; Janne Keränen
This paper presents a conformance testing framework for testing service oriented interconnection technologies. The framework is founded on previous research and elaborates the research track based on a market analysis. The conformance testing framework focuses on a case study, which concentrates on testing Network on Terminal Architecture (NoTA) NoTA is a service-oriented interconnection architecture that aims to facilitate communication between applications running on terminal devices. The conformance testing framework presented in the paper aims to ensure that the NoTA subsystems are interoperable with other NoTA subsystems. The conformance testing framework includes a testing process, testing tool chain framework, tool evaluations, and detailed descriptions for NoTA stack testing approaches. All these will be presented in the paper and are reflected to existing research literature. The research is based on the conceptual analysis of the related publications and technologies, and the results are derived by the presented testing framework with the constructive research
Service-Oriented Architecture; Interconnection; Conformance Testing; Testing Framework
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