Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Predicting DO Condition in Rivers

D.S. Bhargava; Babita Tyagi; Ritu Kapoor; Deepa Sinha
The use of mathematical models to assess the pollution level in water bodies is widely accepted by environmental engineers as well as the managers involved in planning of the existing water resources. Various one dimensional models that are developed so far are applicable only after complete mixing of the pollutant across the cross-section is over which may take longer time for rivers with large width. Such type of situation is not represented effectively by various existing one dimensional models. Moreover, many of these one dimensional models do not account for the settle able part of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) that invariably takes place when partially treated/ untreated waste enters these water bodies. A model that is not more complicated than a one dimensional model but rationally predict the Dissolved Oxygen(DO) conditions in almost 80% of mixing period is presented which can be used in conditions when partially treated/untreated waste is discharged in water body.
Mathematical Model; DO; BOD; Water Pollution
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